There are many beautiful places to shoot between Westport and Albion.
I love finding new spots, and LOVE shooting your session in a place that is meaningful to you,
so never hesitate to suggest someplace!
But... In case you are at a loss for WHERE you'd like your session to take place,
I've put together some examples of places for you to browse through.



The village of Mendocino has beautiful buildings, flowers, alleys, greenery, and of course the headlands and the beach. I absolutely love shooting here. Portugese Beach has amazing driftwood and a gorgeous shoreline but is a bit tricky to get down to, so I don’t like taking young kids there, but Big River beach is much more accessible, so if you like the idea of shooting in the village and finishing at the beach, this is a great option. It is one of the locations I suggest for morning sessions as well as evening sessions.



Jughandle is one of my favorite locations to shoot. Morning sessions (like the top right and bottom left) are bright and fun, and evening sessions are softer and more subtle with the sun dipping behind the rocks. The trees at the top of the trail also make for a beautiful backdrop, and gives us the opportunity to use different settings all in the same location.



Caspar Beach has AMAZING beach grass, and a beautiful sandy stretch. One of my favorite spots, for sure! This is another location where the sun dips behind the rocks giving us beautiful soft light to work with even on the sunniest of days.


Ward Avenue

Ward Avenue is often the most empty beach I shoot at. The sand here is a bit darker than some of the other beach locations. The rocks have some green cover, there is tall beach grass along the cliff edge, and there is also often large pieces of driftwood. This location is a good option for morning sessions.



MacKerricher State Park has quite a bit of variety in one location. We can shoot in the sand, on the rocks, on the boardwalk, and in the trees. Its a beautiful location with a lot to offer.

Pudding Creek

Pudding Creek offers the beautiful lines of the bridge, as well as the option to shoot both in the sand, and above the beach in the trees. It can be crowded in the summer time, but I’ve always been able to work around the people!


Russian Gulch

Russian Gulch State Park has a small beach area. This location is best if you are looking for a location with lots of trees, there are some cool wood bridges, and a beautiful view of the arch bridge from the picnic grounds.


The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has a HUGE variety of beautiful backdrops. If you are looking for something different than the beach, I definitely recommend considering the gardens. There is an entry fee that would need to be covered by the client.


Spring Ranch is another state property that is a popular photo location. If you like rustic barns and open fields, this location is for you!


The space behind my home drops off into a canyon and a large curtain of trees lines the back of our yard. April through September the sun sets behind the trees and there is an amazingly beautiful golden glow when that happens! There is also a cute little shack next to our yard that serves as a cute, rustic backdrop.