American Kids...{Fort Bragg, California}

Two years ago, I bought a giant American Flag.  Giant.  Its awesome!  
For two years I have had big plans to use that flag as part of an "American Kids" mini session setup, complete with a big barn and a vintage truck.  
And, for two years, the summer comes and goes without me making this idea a reality.  
This year is the same, but I was determined to use it, even if it was just for a quick session with my own boys.  Can I just tell you, I love how these came out!!  
If you want me to offer these as minis late next spring LET ME KNOW!  Leave me a comment on this post, or shoot me an email


Blush Photography Workshop {Sutter Creek, Ca}

Hi, I'm Stefania, and I'm addicted to photo workshops...
Ok, but seriously, I love them!  I love meeting up with other photographers like me who get excited to talk about things like light, wardrobe, styled photoshoots, branding, packaging... things that the "normal" people around me might mildly tolerate listening to me go on and on about.  I love watching other photographers shoot, I love learning from my peers, I love that I am (hopefully) sharing some sort of useful information with them... I love supporting friends I've made along the way, and I love that they are willing to share so much knowledge with those of us who haven't been in the photography business as long as they have.
And then... when the workshop is being held at a private home that looks like a castle, AND has legit carnival rides set up on the grounds... I mean, how does one resist??  Angie and Amy did such a fabulous job styling the shootout at the end of an amazing day spent discussing the business side of this creative field... Check out some of the super cute images I was able to take!


Amy's Ice Cream Stand...A Magical Moments Session {Fort Bragg, California...Children's Photographer}

Think back... Way back... Keep going...
Ok, stop there.
Right there, when you were in elementary school.  When you could pick up a stick and it would be instantly transformed into anything else.  Maybe it was a sword, and you were a brave knight.  Or it was a fairy princess wand and you were the magical fairy princess.  Or maybe it was a wizard's wand, a guitar, a witch's broom... How amazing was that stick to YOU?!

I bet you see your kids doing those very same things.  At least, they are for now.
Tell me, when did your imagination start to take a back seat?  Did you even realize it happened?

The imagination of a child is a magical place.  It's one that disappears without us realizing it, too.

Let's savor this moment.  Let's capture their magic, their sparkle, their creativity.  Lets reach into their little world and bring it to life!  Let's capture their wonder, their whimsy, their JOY with a Magical Moments Session!

These special, and personalized sessions take time to plan.  Somewhere around 4-6 weeks to brainstorm, create, and gather everything we'll need to bring their dreams to life.  Let's get to work!

Color Chase Challenge {Personal Project}

In February of 2017, I joined a group of photographers in a fun challenge to look for a different color to photograph each month.  Well, as things go, February came and went without one RED photograph taken.  When March arrived I was ready to jump in.  I have to say, while it has been a very fun project to be a part of, it wasn't always as easy as I had expected it to be!  Over the year (plus a bit) I participated, I watched it grow from a group of 5 or 6 of us, to a facebook group of close to 800 members, and an Instagram Hub with over 1500 followers!  What a cool thing to be involved in!

Now, I followed along diligently through 2017, starting with Green in May, then Pink in April, Rainbow in May, Yellow in June, Blue in July, Aqua in August, Purple in September, Orange in October, Brown in November, Gold in December and White in January... and then February rolled around again (this time with PINK as a prompt again) and I missed it.  February was surprisingly busy, and my focus wandered on my very last month of the year long challenge.  BUT... because we had so many people join the journey along the way, we are still going strong.  I jumped back in with Green again in March, Yellow in April this time, and Gray for May.

One of the really fun things that came out of this larger project, was my year of French Macaron photographs I compiled.  In those first few months I just so happened to pop into Sweet Affair and choose the appropriate color macarons for the month.  I discovered that it was oddly enjoyable to photograph those yummy treats, and so my own smaller challenge of including macarons in every month began too!  The last image in this post is the final collage of the 12 different colored French Macarons the Brittany so expertly creates in her amazing shop!  

Well over a year later, I'm still following along with the project, and truly love being a moderator on the IG hub along with so many inspiring and talented photographer friends, however, I'm not focused on filling a grid these days.  I'm just enjoying the process of looking for and seeing in color much more than I used to!

Christmas Mini Sessions {Fort Bragg, California}

Yes, I know it is the end of February.  Yes, I know Christmas was 2 months ago!  But, I had to blog some of the adorable shots that came out of my outdoor Christmas mini sessions last year.  The kids were so cute, they deserve a place on my blog, even if we are creeping up on Easter by now, lol!

I truly love photographing children, and setting up styled sessions is so much fun for me.  I'm always dreaming, thinking, planning different ideas for sets that I could bring to life for the little ones. Did you know, I don't only do them for mini sessions?!  I would LOVE to set up a session like this that is customized for your child.  A session that captures what is special to them in this moment of their quickly changing lives.  Maybe its trains or unicorns, superheroes, mermaids or pirates.  Maybe its outer space or race cars or ballerinas or flowers.  Maybe its skateboarding or puddle jumping, or reading or science or baking.  Maybe its a favorite character or animal...

Anyhow... If you have an idea for your child, email me!  Lets work it out together!  My email address is, you know, incase you didn't want to go looking for it ;)


Kylee {Fort Bragg High School}

I need to jump back a few months and blog this beautiful girl's session!  Kylee and I had such a great time capturing her senior portraits out at Spring Ranch in Little River.  I love the slightly rustic feel out there with the old barn, the open field and the old fence... oh how that makes my heart happy!  Funny thing is, when we were talking before her session I could tell she was a little nervous, but, seriously... you'd never know that by looking at her images.  She totally rocked her session!  Don't you agree?!


Jazmin {Fort Bragg High School}

I couldn't have loved Jazmin's session any more!  Such a beautiful lady, and so sweet too!  She and I met out at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, along with her mom and her adorable little sister.  We spent the afternoon searching out one beautiful location after the next for her senior portraits, and even grabbed a few shots of her with her sister.  I hadn't shot at the gardens before that day, but I've definitely been back since!  There are so many unique places for photographs there, and it may just be one of my favorite places to shoot now.  Well, aside from the beach, of course!


Click Away 2018 {Amelia Island, Florida}

Earlier this month I snuck away from Fort Bragg for a weekend and traveled all the way over to Amelia Island, Florida to the ClickAway conference.  I met up with some photographer friends I've made along the way, and made plenty of new ones too.  While I was there I was fortunate to take classes from some of my very favorites, and shoot along side them as well.  I put together a small sampling of the beautiful images created that weekend.  I cannot wait to get back out to our own beautiful Mendocino County beaches and create beautiful images around here!


Christmas Minis... Now Booking! {Fort Bragg, California...children's photographer}

I let you guys know these were coming, but were you ready for this???  I am so excited to be offering these adorable mini sessions for the first time this year.  Milk and cookies, in a fluffy, comfy bed, outside against a backdrop of redwood trees... You just need to bring along your kids dressed in their festive pajamas and I'll make sure we have fun capturing a few images to kick of your holiday season!

When: Saturday October 21
Details: 20 minute session for up to 4 kids
Price: 4 digital images to download $80
          8 digital images to download $150
          12 digital images to download $200

Email me at  $80 due at time of booking to reserve your spot.

Sand & Surf Beach Minis {Fort Bragg, California...Children's Photographer}

The Sand & Surf Mini's were such a success!  Styled sessions are one of my favorite things to do.  I love creating a whole magical experience for these kids, and am always so excited to see their eyes get a bit wider, and their smiles a bit bigger when they see the set for the first time.  

I'm working away on the set for the Christmas minis this year, and I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys!  For now, I want to share just a few of the images I was able to capture on the beach this summer.


Lily & Pealer {Fort Bragg, California...portrait photographer}

For a beautiful girl who happens to be an amazing barrel racer, some fancy photos with her horse are a must, don't you think?!  I sure do!

I have to say, this session was just amazing!  Together we planned the cutest outfit, I mean, girly lace, a flowy skirt, a flower crown and some for real, broken in boots... perfection if you ask me!  Feminine but still a little bit tough.  We did share a few laughs as we tried to keep her spurs from catching the hem of her dress while we walked around MacKerricher State Park though!  

Even though Lily isn't actually a high school senior yet, wouldn't these make awesome senior portraits for the horse riding girls graduating in 2018?  


Sherman Family {Fort Bragg, California...Family Photographer}

I first met Jamie when she rented a station from me at Salon Paisley in Sacramento.  I loved getting to know this sweet lady, and had so much fun working with her over the years.  She even managed to convince me to try out her spin class at Team-Ride, and I seriously LOVED it!  

Anyhow... Now her and her husband have a sweet baby boy who just turned 1 and they needed some family photos done.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to be the one to take them!  I'm so grateful that they made the trip up to Fort Bragg for  photos and that we got to spend the weekend catching up too!  It was tough leaving so many of our friends when we decided to make the move back up to the Mendocino coast, and I am so happy when I can reconnect with them!  

Here's a little share from their amazing sunset session at Pudding Creek Beach.

Mamoo Kids {Northern California...Commercial Photographer}

When Anne at Mamoo Kids contacted me about doing some promo shots for her backpacks and totes I was so excited!  Her bags are the cutest, and she is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I just love meeting other Northern California based creatives!

We set out to create images that told a story of an adventure.  We headed to MacKerricher State Park and let them explore the beach.  We climbed, jumped, looked for treasures, dodged waves, ran through the sand and watched the sunset over the ocean.  It was definitely a memorable evening, for myself and our awesome models!

Sand & Surf Minis... Now booking!!

Alright you guys.... Who remembers this fun session I got to do a few months ago?  Well, I'm bringing it to you in the form of a mini session!  For 2 evenings, Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th I am going to set up the tepee, bring out the shells, the surf board, and lots of pillows and blankets for a shoot that I promise will be super fun!

Lets talk details for a minute... the big question is always "what's the cost?"  Well, here's how we're going to do things this time around: 

$100 for a 20 minute session, access to an online gallery where you can see the best images from the session and choose your 4 favorites to download.  You will also receive a print release so you can have them printed wherever you choose. 

You can also add on a fun, fluffy, twirly dress rental for an additional $20 per child if you'd like to. Please let me know if you would like to add this option when you book your session so I can make proper arrangements.  

If you would like to skip the dress rental, I am very happy to offer my assistance to help you plan perfect outfits for your children!  

This setup is perfect for up to 4 children and is just for the kids this time around.  

Please email me if you would like to secure your spot!

Clickin' Walk {San Francisco, CA|Sutro Baths}

Last weekend I jumped in my car (ok, my minivan) and took a little Mama time out.  I drove to San Francisco, by myself, spent the morning doing a little shopping and drinking a yummy green smoothie, and then met up with some other Northern California photographers for a little photo walk.  I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in the city, it was sunny, cloudless, and (gasp!!!) kinda warm!

In all the time I've spent in San Francisco, which is quite a bit throughout my years, I've never actually explored the Sutro Bath ruins before, and let me tell you, it was so cool to be there! I even walked out on the ledge for a few photos, which is the most crazy feeling when you are afraid of heights, and you have a big ol' bag of camera gear on your shoulder!

I have to say, San Francisco is one of my favorite places ever.  I love all the shops, the variety of restaurants, the gorgeous old homes, the history of the city, and the general livelyness of the city... and I also love coming home to Fort Bragg, where there are so many less cars on the road ;) 


Cameron {Fort Bragg High School}

Another lovely lady who came out to help me explore a pretty unlikely location here in town that I ended up just loving!! Can you guess where we were?  Cameron, thanks so much for working with me!  I look forward to your senior session in just a few short years!

Hey, Class of 2018... I'm now booking Senior Portrait Sessions!

Ava {Fort Bragg High School}

This adorable young lady from Fort Bragg High School helped me out with a little bit of location scouting, and my camera just loved her!  I am looking forward to working with her again for some of my own projects I have coming up, but also, in a few years for her Senior Portraits!

Class of 2018... its time to start thinking about booking your session!  

ava fort bragg high school senior portrait
ava fort bragg high school senior portrait

A glowing Mother-to-be... {Fort Bragg, California... Maternity Photographer}

Rain, rain, go away... Oh man!  The Mendocino Coast (and the rest of California) has been getting doused with rain this winter and I was trying to squeeze in a maternity session for this beautiful, soon to be Mama just a week before her due date!  There was rain for days predicted in the forecast, but luckily we were able to meet up the day before the skies unleashed the waterworks, and we were greeted with a little sunshine, an amazing sky, and crashing ocean waves!