Christmas Mini Sessions {Fort Bragg, California}

Yes, I know it is the end of February.  Yes, I know Christmas was 2 months ago!  But, I had to blog some of the adorable shots that came out of my outdoor Christmas mini sessions last year.  The kids were so cute, they deserve a place on my blog, even if we are creeping up on Easter by now, lol!

I truly love photographing children, and setting up styled sessions is so much fun for me.  I'm always dreaming, thinking, planning different ideas for sets that I could bring to life for the little ones. Did you know, I don't only do them for mini sessions?!  I would LOVE to set up a session like this that is customized for your child.  A session that captures what is special to them in this moment of their quickly changing lives.  Maybe its trains or unicorns, superheroes, mermaids or pirates.  Maybe its outer space or race cars or ballerinas or flowers.  Maybe its skateboarding or puddle jumping, or reading or science or baking.  Maybe its a favorite character or animal...

Anyhow... If you have an idea for your child, email me!  Lets work it out together!  My email address is, you know, incase you didn't want to go looking for it ;)