Color Chase Challenge {Personal Project}

In February of 2017, I joined a group of photographers in a fun challenge to look for a different color to photograph each month.  Well, as things go, February came and went without one RED photograph taken.  When March arrived I was ready to jump in.  I have to say, while it has been a very fun project to be a part of, it wasn't always as easy as I had expected it to be!  Over the year (plus a bit) I participated, I watched it grow from a group of 5 or 6 of us, to a facebook group of close to 800 members, and an Instagram Hub with over 1500 followers!  What a cool thing to be involved in!

Now, I followed along diligently through 2017, starting with Green in May, then Pink in April, Rainbow in May, Yellow in June, Blue in July, Aqua in August, Purple in September, Orange in October, Brown in November, Gold in December and White in January... and then February rolled around again (this time with PINK as a prompt again) and I missed it.  February was surprisingly busy, and my focus wandered on my very last month of the year long challenge.  BUT... because we had so many people join the journey along the way, we are still going strong.  I jumped back in with Green again in March, Yellow in April this time, and Gray for May.

One of the really fun things that came out of this larger project, was my year of French Macaron photographs I compiled.  In those first few months I just so happened to pop into Sweet Affair and choose the appropriate color macarons for the month.  I discovered that it was oddly enjoyable to photograph those yummy treats, and so my own smaller challenge of including macarons in every month began too!  The last image in this post is the final collage of the 12 different colored French Macarons the Brittany so expertly creates in her amazing shop!  

Well over a year later, I'm still following along with the project, and truly love being a moderator on the IG hub along with so many inspiring and talented photographer friends, however, I'm not focused on filling a grid these days.  I'm just enjoying the process of looking for and seeing in color much more than I used to!