Tessa...{Fort Bragg, California}

My apologies, but this blog post is going to have LOTS of photos!!! This sweet girl just rocked her celebration session and I just can’t not share them with the world!!

If you don’t know Tessa, let me tell you, this little girl is so full of light, love, energy, smiles, and fun. She knows every single thing there is to know about My Little Ponies. She has awesome dance moves. She loves glitter and sparkles… And she spent the last two years kicking Leukemia in the butt! In fact, Tessa finished the very last of her chemo treatments just as she was starting Kindergarten last month!

Well, since September happens to be all about going GOLD for Pediatric Cancer Awareness, this golden, glittery session seemed like such a perfect way to celebrate such an amazing milestone for Tessa. Don’t you think? I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had! So much jumping, spinning, dancing, throwing glitter and confetti… at one point she was rolling in the glitter on the floor, trying to cover herself in it all. Now, what do we know about glitter??? Well, yes, it sparkly, pretty and fun, but it also NEVER GOES AWAY! hahaha! I imagine there was a trail of gold sparkles following her around for the rest of the weekend!

For anyone wanting to know more about Tessa’s fight, or donate to some of the organizations that have been so helpful along the way, here are some links for you: