I’m so excited to build a team of amazing ladies from the class of 2020!  All my plans for this Senior Model Team are still being worked out, but what I CAN tell you is it’s going to be fun!!  

Im looking for girls who are comfortable in front of the camera, are involved in their school, and active on social media.  The way this works is this: upon acceptance to the SRP Senior Model Team you will be responsible to complete payment of $500, which can be split up into payments.  This fee will cover NOT ONLY your very own Premier Senior Session with me, it also includes AT LEAST two more styled/themed group sessions and some fun group activities along the way! So really, you are getting a personalized senior session, plus so many more amazing experiences and tons more photos in your gallery than you would with just senior session alone!

What I ask in return is that you share, post, and show off your beautiful images and let others know how much fun it is to participate in these photo sessions. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, fill out the application and let your friends know too!


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