Clickin' Walk {San Francisco, CA|Sutro Baths}

Last weekend I jumped in my car (ok, my minivan) and took a little Mama time out.  I drove to San Francisco, by myself, spent the morning doing a little shopping and drinking a yummy green smoothie, and then met up with some other Northern California photographers for a little photo walk.  I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in the city, it was sunny, cloudless, and (gasp!!!) kinda warm!

In all the time I've spent in San Francisco, which is quite a bit throughout my years, I've never actually explored the Sutro Bath ruins before, and let me tell you, it was so cool to be there! I even walked out on the ledge for a few photos, which is the most crazy feeling when you are afraid of heights, and you have a big ol' bag of camera gear on your shoulder!

I have to say, San Francisco is one of my favorite places ever.  I love all the shops, the variety of restaurants, the gorgeous old homes, the history of the city, and the general livelyness of the city... and I also love coming home to Fort Bragg, where there are so many less cars on the road ;)